Sunday, February 24, 2019

Books I Didn't Finish in February

The Whole Package:  I was so disappointed with this book.  I am a fan of this author, but I couldn't get into this new series.  I couldn't figure out who the book was supposed to be focused on, but from the synopsis, I guess it was Reid and Naomi.  There were too many side characters and I honestly have no desire to read more about them.  I didn't feel the connection between Reid and Naomi.  I'll be skipping this series.

Valiant: I dnf'd this one fairly early on.  I'm not a fan of time travel stories and this one is full of it.  The world building was no existent. Had I known this had time travel, I wouldn't have tried it out.

Ghosted:  Another book I dnf'd pretty early on.  I couldn't get into it. There was nothing thrilling about an obsession for a man who the main character spent 7 days with.  I was never sucked in and didn't really care to find out what happened.

Best Bad Things: I found this book really confusing. I think I started it over 3 times.  The story involves a female "detective" who often goes undercover as a man in the underbelly of the drug trade.  I didn't care about that, but I found myself getting confused because when she is undercover, she is referred to as her male name.  However, within the same chapter, there are scenes with her as a woman.  I decided I didn't want to keep getting confused.  There were also too many characters introduced at once.  It could have been the narrator of the audiobook that made it more confusing.  Her voices all sounded the same. Maybe I'll try the physical book at some point in the future.

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