Sunday, April 26, 2020

April DNF Books

We Didn't Ask for This: I think this book suffered from me definitely not being the right demographic for this book.  As a mom, I couldn't get past a school that would shut the school and let the students have the run of the building with no chaperones.  I also found the activism to be a bit preachy. I DNF'd at 20%.

The Last to Die:  I really tried to get into this one.  I enjoy teen thriller/.mysteries.  However, the characters were horrible.  It was also pretty unrealistic.  Police are not allowed to interview minors with a parent present.  None of the teens showed much emotion. I say skip it.

Red Lotus: I read about 50% of this book and was so bored. I didn't really care to ever find out what the boyfriend was really up to.  Alexis never seemed to be that upset about the death of her boyfriend.  There was little intrigue.  The story felt unfocused and all over the place.  It's not worth it.

The Wedding Date Bargain:  I was never convinced that the main female character in this book really wanted to get rid of her virginity so callously. Her roommate's commentary on it was so off-putting.  Who cares if she wants to wait? I didn't love this couple together. The fun from the first book was lost in this one.  I stopped at about 30%.

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