Wednesday, April 29, 2020

April Mini Musings

All Your Twisted Secrets:  I loved the premise of this book and I was all in for the story.  Unfortunately, I didn't love the execution.  I was a bit bored by the story.  I wasn't a fan of  going between the present and past.  I was disappointed in the truth of why they were there.  Which led to the unfortunate ending, which I hated.  It's not all bad, just not one I would run out and recommend.

Redemption Prep:  I'm not sure I really understood big the reveal of this book.  It took a very weird turn. I didn't think the villian did a good enough job of explaining the purpose of the school.  That was a big let down after enjoying most of the book.  I liked to premise, the characters and the air of mystery in the school.  I just wish the ending was clearer.  It was also kind of open ended, which I'm not a fan of.  Maybe there will be a sequel that will clear things up more.

Curse the Day:  This was a really cute supernatural mystery that is also the first in a series.  I loved it because it didn't seem to take itself seriously.  Which is just what I needed at the moment.  The main character was hilarious and took the revelations about herself in stride.  I can't wait ot read more of the series.

Married by Mistake:  This was a cute romance.  I enjoyed the characters, especially Brock. He was very sweet. The couple had fun banter.  My only wish was that the book was a little longer.  I think the romance HEA would have been a little more to support it.  The ending was a little abrupt.

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