Wednesday, February 3, 2021

January Mini Musings


Wrong Right Man
: I thought this was a problematic romance.  I thought the premise was cute.  But I didn't love how possessive Brax was toward Dakota.  There is alpha and then there is alpha overboard.  Brax was the latter. I did like how she ended up standing up for herself,.  It's not a bad read, but it wasn't a favorite.

Fragments of Fear:  This was an enjoyable and clean romantic suspense.  I thought the mystery was solid.  I was a little preachy for me. But I didn't mind it too much.  The characters were engaging. Again, not a favorite by this author, but it's worth a read.  

Beast of Beswick
: I really adored the couple in this book.  I loved their romance and their chemistry.  Their banter was hilarious.  I just had a lot of fun reading it.  The Beauty and the Beast take was very well done.  I highly recommend this one and can't wait to rad the next book.

The Body of Christopher Creed:  This was an interesting mystery with an open ended ending.  I liked the main character and his search to find out what happened to Christopher Creed.  I do want to read the next book.  

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