Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Books I DNF'd in March

Honey Girl:
  I know this book has been getting rave reviews all over.  But I ended up DNFing it at about 20%.  I couldn't get behind the main character.  Just in the small part that  read, she made so many ridiculous life choices.  I just had no desire to read any more about it..  

Mr. Mitchell:  I enjoyed the first book, but I really disliked this one.  I dnf'd it at about 40% in. The main reason being the heroine. She is a recovering addict who admits that she has made lots of bad choices.  She is flying to London to see her sister.  Yet she takes off with a random guy she met on an airplane to his house in the country.  She continues to make bad choices.  There was no chemistry between the couple.  I actually felt bad for the hero that he would fall for someone like her. 

The Jigsaw Man:
  I wanted to like this book, but I ended up giving up about 30% in.  The It seemed like every cop in this book had an issue at home.  I really am tired of reading about the poor detective who has issue sat home and how it affects work.  For once, I would like to read a police procedural where the cops are happy.  I also felt like I was missing some serious back story, but since this is the first book in a series. 

Missing from the Village:  I found this book very unfocused and kind of dull. I ended up reading an online article about it insread.  I also had an issue with that use of a certain word by the author.  I know he explained why he used it, but it really bothered me because it had always been a derogatory word to me. I didn't like hearing it repeatedly over and over on the audiobook.  

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