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Blog Tour: Review & Excerpt of Forever with the Bartender by Allie York


by Allie York
Becoming a runaway bride wasn’t in Kat’s wedding plans, but neither was meeting sexy bartender, Drake. They can’t run away from true love, but will Kat’s past ruin their future?
Readers who love Alexa Riley and Kat Baxter will love Forever with the Bartender by Allie York, a runaway bride, instalove, blue collar romance.
Becoming a runaway bride was not in my wedding plans, and neither was Drake.
For Kat Morris, finding out her groom and high school sweetheart had cheated was bad enough. Finding out it was with her sister and her sister was pregnant meant she could only do one thing. Leave. So she stole her fiance’s car and drove, running out of gas in the small town of Forever, Tennessee.
Drake Wallad has seen it all as the owner of O’Malley’s, the best bar in Forever, but a gorgeous woman crying in a wedding dress is a new one. The second he lays eyes on her, he’s a goner, but her past comes back to ruin their future.
Love wasn’t in their future, but there’s no running away from true love.
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My Thoughts:

Forever with the Bartender is the next novella in the the Forever series.  Out of all of the stories in the series I have read so far, this one is probably my least favorite.  It takes place over 48 hours.  I know these are supposed to be insta-love, but this one was really insta-lust.  I didn't love this couple together.  Maybe had it been a longer story, I would have bought into them more.  It is still worth a read, the bedroom scenes are definitely steamy.

Copyright 2021 @Allie York
“It smells clean.” Kat has the front of her dress wadded in her hands to keep her from tripping.
“Good. It is clean.” I point to the doors, “Guest room, my room, bathroom. In my room, raid the drawers for clothes and get out of that ridiculous dress.” I smirk.
“It was ten thousand dollars.” She lifts the poofy fabric and studies it.
“And it took me all of a few minutes and two beers to ruin it.” My lips graze her ear and she shivers.
“I can’t get out of it.” Kat meets my eyes and issues a silent challenge.
“Are you asking me to treat it like I did your panties? The man who should be doing this is a damn fool and I’ll gladly take his place.” In one move, I have my hand on her bare upper back and her body against mine. She gasps and I grin. My fingers find the hook and zipper in the back, and I make quick work of them. She grabs the top of the dress to hold it up and doesn’t break eye contact.
“Take his place? You want to plan a wedding with me for years then get my sister pregnant?” She rolls her eyes.
“No.” The word comes out sharp, “But I’ll gladly get you out of this dress and take care of what he should have been doing tonight.” I start toward the door to leave her to get situated.
“I think you already took care of that.” She calls, walking to my room, dress held up by nothing more than an arm across her chest.
“You ain’t seen the half of it.” I yell back, stepping out the door and locking it behind me. I jog down the steps and back through the stock room to the bar. The crowd’s thinned out, but I feel like a dick for bailing.

About Allie York

I'm a mom, wife, and dog groomer by day. At night I write contemporary romance. I love funny dog videos, I read naughty books, and drink too much coffee.
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