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Spotlight: Excerpt of Grant My Desires by Charmaine Louise Shelton


Title: Grant My Desires
Author: Charmaine Louise Shelton
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Welcome to the titillating world of the multibillion-dollar global companies and the love affairs of the families that control them.
Will sexy as sin Lachlan finally claim shy-cum-feisty Haley Steele The One he’s always loved? Or will their complicated past interfere with their fairytale future?
Find out if fate grants Haley’s desire of a life of love, marriage, and a baby with her childhood crush Lachlan in the last part of their sizzling, second chance billionaire romance.
Close your eyes and make a wish as Lachlan charms his Haley around the world from his Scottish castle to the top of the Eiffel Tower to the beauty of Bali.
Their love story is a standalone romance trilogy in the series. Get a glimpse of their dynamism in other books.
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Check out this excerpt:

The last day of our babymoon coincides with the one-year anniversary of our vow renewal wedding. I originally thought our trip was to mark the occasion. So I brought my gift for Lachlan hidden in my handbag.
When he comes out of the shower with a towel slung low around his narrow hips and his treasure trail dipping beneath it, I nearly forget my thought. His chuckle as he dries his hair with another towel brings my focus back from the outline of his big dick beneath the terrycloth.
I blink, and he laughs some more as he drops the towels to the white tile floor.
“See something you crave, My Lady?” He asks as his dick bobs with each step towards me.
Mutely I nod. Then squeak when he pounces onto the bed. He lands on his hands and knees on either side of my legs, with his face inches from mine. He rubs his nose to mine and purrs.
“Tell me your wish, My Lady,” he demands.
I palm the sides of his face and whisper, “Forever and a day with you, My Lord.”
His eyes shine before he slants his mouth over mine. The kiss is deep and full of emotion. When he passes for a breath, I press my finger to his lips.
He cocks his eyebrow.
I smile as I reach behind my pillow and lift the gift-wrapped box between us.
“What’s this?” He asks as he takes the box and sits beside me.
I grin wider and respond, “Happy vow renewal wedding anniversary, My Lord!”
He drops his head back with a groan.
“I was so focused on your—I mean our babymoon, today’s date slipped past me. Do you forgive me?”
I pretend to pout but can’t hold back my giggles.
“Of course! Don’t be silly,” I answer. “Now, open your present.”
My husband pulls the green and blue ribbon and ties it in a bow around my neck. Then he kisses me and tells me I’m the only present he’ll ever want before he winks and tears through the metallic green paper.
He pauses when the green box for Rolex watches appears.
“Go on!” I urge.
He nods and presses the closure. Then gapes.
“It’s the 1971 Cosmograph Daytona Reference 6265, also known as ‘The Unicorn.’ Do you know why I choose it for you?” I ask, so excited I grin like a loon.
He shakes his head.
“It’s the only known white gold, manual-winding Daytona ever crafted by Rolex. So it’s extremely rare. Just like you, and our love that withstood years of us being apart only for us to be together forever. Not only are you the hero in my childhood fantasies. But you are the unicorn in my real life. I love you, Lachlan Jackson,” I say.
My words end on a sob. But it’s not from the hormones. I truly love my man with all of my heart.
Tears in his eyes match mine as he pulls me onto his lap and buries his face in my neck. His shoulders shake as he cries softly against my skin. Instinctively, I stroke his back and hum the Scottish lullaby he taught to me. It soothes him when, moments later, he sits back and cups my face.
“You, Haley Jackson, are my life and my soul. The mother of my children. I honor you and I love you for all of eternity,” he says gruffly.
Through my tears, I repeat his words, changing them for his name and father.
We spend the rest of the morning in bed, honoring and loving one another.
And as I expected, we have the most ah-mazing babymoon ever!
About Charmaine Louise Shelton:
  Charmaine Louise Shelton the Founder, CEO & Author of CharmaineLouise New York, Inc. loves all things classic, elegant, feminine, and of course with an erotic edge! Favorite outfit of choice is a cashmere cardigan, leather pencil skirt, and seamed silk stockings with stiletto heels. Sexy Fantasy Type: sub with a dash of Voyeur. When not writing and designing, Charmaine Louise travels and spends time with her Maltese buddies, ZIGGY and Jynger. She loves to hear from her readers!
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