Sunday, November 5, 2023

October DNFs - 4 Books I Gave Up On

The Narrow:  I seem to either love or not so much like books by this author.  Unfortunately, this one ended up being a DNF.  I was really bored.  I realized that I didn't even care about the main character, so I gave up.  Let's hope for the best with the next one.

Friends Don't Lie:
  I think I'm over stories where the main character's actions make no sense.  Why not just approach the woman and say, "Hey, I have the same name as you and people keep thinking I'm you.  Can you fix it?"  The whole premise didn't sit right with me.  I gave up half way through.

The Legacies:  I wanted to like this, but it just wasn't remotely realistic.  The teens were insufferable and just awful people.  The parents were as bad as the teens.  There was no one to root for.  I gave up about 50% in.

Their Vicious Games:
  I gave up at the 65% mark.  There were so many plot holes in the book. How they kept what was really going on so quiet for so long is anyone's guess.  Also, why?  What was the motive?  The main character comes from an upper middle class family.  Her parents have excellent jobs as teachers in an elite private school.  They aren't poor.  Yet all she does is complain.  Not for me.

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