Monday, November 6, 2023

Review: Shattered Illusions by Christina Sol

Christina Sol
Publication Date: October 2023

They’re best friends turned bitter enemies. Forced to live together, they call a truce and sparks ignite. But someone is watching. Someone who’ll do anything to destroy her…

Roxie Jameson is often called a workaholic. She prefers to call herself driven. As the owner of Comfort Food, a cafĂ© and catering company on Hudson Island, she embraces the constant hustle of entrepreneurial life. Especially since her jam-packed to-do list gives her zero time to dwell on how tired and lonely she is. But when her archnemesis—and former best friend—returns to the island, Roxie’s structured schedule gets thrown off course.

Joe Buchanan has resigned from the FBI and returns home to Hudson Island without a plan. He’s at a crossroads both professionally and personally. However, before he can determine his next move, he must fix the friendship with Roxie that he so callously destroyed three years ago—and acknowledge his long-denied feelings for her.

While Roxie and Joe learn to forgive their past mistakes, they find themselves increasingly and irresistibly drawn together. But when a mysterious threat emerges, will their fragile relationship endure? And will they find a way to trust each other before it's too late?

Shattered Illusions is the second book in the Hudson Island series.  This one is Joe and Roxie's story.  I had been looking forward to this one since the first book, Shattered Vows.  They used to be best friends and now they are enemies.  No one knows why they had a falling out, not even Roxie.  Now Joe is back in town and someone is targeting Roxie.  

I enjoyed this one just as much as the first book.  I loved Roxie and Joe.  I loved that they were friends to enemies to lovers.  It was obvious that they had loved each other their whole lives.  They msytery was not obvious to me, but it definitely made sense once revealed.  In this one, we also get introduced to a whole bunch of other alpha males who I can't wait to meet more in depth in their stories.  Note: If you sign up for this author's newsletter, you can get a free bonus epilogue scene.  It was adorable and completely satisfying ending.

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