Thursday, May 9, 2013

Interview, Review & Giveaway: Lady Vivian Defies a Duke by Samantha Grace

Today we welcome author Samantha Grace as she promotes her latest book, Lady Vivian Defies a Duke.,  Enjoy her interview after my thoughts on the book.

Giveaway details:  Ms. Grace has kindly offered a copy of Lady Vivian Defies a Duke for one lucky commenter.  (see below) This will close on May 12.  Good Luck!

Author: Samantha Grace
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Date of publication: May 2013

Lady Vivian Worth knows perfectly well how to behave like a lady. But observing proper manners when no one is around to impress is just plain silly. When Luke Forest, the newly named Duke of Foxhaven, arrives early to visit his bride-to-be, he catches Vivian acting most unladylike—in her chemise. Though amused by her unconventional ways, Luke hadn't planned on marrying such a sprightly and opinionated lady. He'll just have to find her another husband. But can he stand to see the vivacious woman in the arms of someone else?

 My thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In fact, I couldn't put it down.  Although Lady Vivian Defies a Duke is the fourth book in a series, I never felt like I was missing anything.  It truly can be read as a stand alone.  Now, I want to go back and read the first three, especially Andrew and Lana's story!

I loved both of the main characters. I really like Vivian and her tendency to do the wrong thing or at least what society perceives as wrong.  Her attitude and outlook on life was refreshing.  Luke is the perfect match for her. Luke has been searching for something to fulfill his life and he ultimately finds that in his betrothed.  The thing that appealed to me that most about their story is that it wasn't an insta-love situation.  While they are attracted to each other, they slowly fall in love with each other.  That made their story that much sweeter.

The other characters in the book were wonderful.  Ms. Grace has given us a slimy and cringe worthy villain in Mr. Collier.  I felt really badly for Joanna and what she had to go through in the end.  I definitely recommend this book to any lover of historical romance.  I look forward to more from Ms. Grace in the future!

Thanks so much to Kari and Autumn for inviting me to From the TBR Pile.

Kari&Autumn: What inspired you to become a writer?

Samantha: I wanted to become a writer in the third grade after reading the Trixie Belden series. It was similar to Nancy Drew, but Trixie and her best friend, Honey, had love interests. I enjoyed the mysteries, but I flipped the pages looking for those sweet moments of love as much as to find out whodunit.

Kari&Autumn: Where do you come up with the ideas for your books?

SamanthaMy ideas can come from anyplace. Usually it starts out as one small ingredient that gets whipped into a triple layer chocolate cake with raspberry filling and white chocolate frosting. (I’m getting carried away, but I really want something sweet right now. This apple I’m eating isn’t cutting it!) The story idea for Lady Vivian Defies a Duke came to me when I was researching Regency marriage laws. I wondered what would happen if a duke’s marriage was arranged without his knowledge. Then I had to figure out why in the world that would ever happen and why he couldn’t get out of it easily. And then I had to figure out what type of woman would enchant him so much he wouldn’t want to give her up in the end. 

Kari&Autumn: What exciting projects are waiting in the wings?

SamanthaI’m working on a new series called Rival Rogues about a friendly rivalry between two gentlemen who’ve being competing against each other since they were at boarding school. When their attentions turn toward courting the same young woman, their rivalry ceases to be a game, however. One gentleman will take desperate measures to win her heart, and the other will have to face the aftermath of losing the lady and learn the true meaning of love.  

Kari&Autumn: Who is your favorite literary character and why?

SamanthaI think my answer changes from time to time, but I’m going to have to go with Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables. I love how curious and impertinent she is. In a way, Lady Vivian reminds me of Anne, but I never made the connection until just now.  

Kari&Autumn: Just for fun, if you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

SamanthaA dolphin! They’re playful, love their young, and are social. Plus, they aren’t afraid to stand up to the bullies of the sea.

I’d love to know what animal readers would be and why, and I have a copy of Lady Vivian Defies a Duke I’d like to give away to a commenter for indulging my curiosity. (US and Canada only)
About the author: 

Samantha Grace is the author of several Regency romance novels. Lady Vivian Defies a Duke
(released May 7th) is the final installment of her Beau Monde Bachelor series. Publisher’s Weekly describes her stories as “fresh and romantic” with subtle humor and charm. She writes what she enjoys reading: romantic comedies about family, friendship, and flawed characters who learn how to love deeply.

Samantha is a part-time hospice social worker, moonlighting author, and full time wife and mom. She enjoys life in the Midwest with her husband, two witty kids, and a multitude of characters that spring from her imagination.

To Connect with Samantha, you can find her at:



Melody May said...

Sam, I'm sure Luke likes this interview, because he's not in the hot spot.

Samantha Grace said...

LOL. Good point. I should drag him over here to help me out. ;)

Sharlene said...

Great interview! I have been loving this series & can't wait to read the new one! If I had to choose an animal to be, off the top of my head, I would say a horse. I watched the Kentucky Derby & those animals are magnificent! Their coats shine, they run like the wind, effortlessly & I am sure they are loved by their owners.

Heather said...

Oh a dolphin is a great animal! It would be lovely to live somewhere tropical and enjoy the sea, plus I hear they are so smart! Since you've picked that one though, I would say my other choice would be a domestic cat. Cats are so pampered and have nothing more stressful on their agenda than eating, sleeping, and chasing the occasional moth or red light. I would enjoy being a lazy cat that sits in windows and purrs.
BTW, Lady Vivian Defies a Duke sound awesome!!!! I would love to read this novel! I love the plot idea, the character names, and their characteristics. Sounds excellent!!

Samantha Grace said...

I get chills when I watch horses race. They truly are magnificent! And I'm sure you're right about them being loved by their owners.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I'm thrilled there are readers who love my stories. I'd write anyway, because it's my passion. But it's an added reward to have people know my characters and fall in love with them like I do. :)

Samantha Grace said...

Ooh, Heather! Now that's a good choice too. My cat is hanging out on the arm of the couch overseeing my work right now. When it's time for her to eat, she'll let me know by walking on the keyboard. Then I have to get up and lift her to her food bowl, because she's too dainty to leap up there. She definitely has a good life. ;)

I had a lot of fun writing Lady Vivian Defies a Duke. I hope you enjoy it!

JPEEZY said...

Hi Samantha! + Kari&Autumn! I got here from Shana Galen's tweet! "Lady Vivian Defies A Duke" sounds like a great book. I am always hesitant to read a book part of a series, esp. if its in the middle of one. But the fact that this can be read as a stand alone is awesome!

If I can be any animal I'd want to be a dragon. By the way, does mythical creatures count? hahah I've always been intrigued by dragons. They are beautiful creatures told in myths and stories. My chinese zodiac sign is also a dragon. I think thats where my fascination partly stems from. Thank you for a chance to win, "Lady Vivian Defies a Duke"!!

Samantha Grace said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. Gotta love Shana! :)

I say, let's make up the rules as we go. Mythical creatures count. In both zodiacs, I'm a goat. So not exciting like a dragon. LOL. I love watching the dragons on Game of Thrones. The special effects are pretty great.

Sandra Kenny said...

Great interview. If I were to choose an animal....I think it would be a bird, so I could fly away to far away places.

Samantha Grace said...

Thank you, Sandra! A bird is another good choice. And some birds mate for life, which is pretty amazing and cool. They must have some feelings, wouldn't you think?

Kari Boardman said...

I want to be a tiger. Beautiful and strong. :)

Samantha Grace said...

Tigers are gorgeous, majestic, and some of the most fearsome animals on earth. That's a great pick! :)

jmcgaugh said...

I think I'd be some kind of cat. They're sleek, powerful and mysterious.
jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu

Brooklyn Ann said...

I absolutely LOVE that title!

Samantha Grace said...

I've always liked panthers. :)

Samantha Grace said...

Thank you, Brooklyn Ann! :)