Sunday, June 19, 2011

2 Novellas in 1 - Chantilly's Cowboy and Journeyman's Ride

Author: Debra Kayn
Publisher: Carina Press (June 2011)

All Chantilly McDougal wants is to run her daddy's ranch. The only one of five sisters content to stay on the McDougal spread, Chantilly loves the land and knows the workings of the ranch better than anyone. So when Stuart McDougal hires Jack Grady as his new foreman without even consulting her, Chantilly is furious. She doesn't need the help of any cowboy, no matter what feelings the man arouses in her!
Jack Grady can understand Tilly's frustrations over working with him, but he needs the job to put his nephew through law school. Besides, he's made a promise to Stuart, and everyone knows a cowboy never goes back on his word. But when he finds himself falling for the boss's daughter, Jack is torn between being honest with Tilly, and keeping her father's secret.

This was a great story. Chantilly is one of 5 sisters who are all named after a different kind of lace. Apparently their mother was an avid sewer. All are strong-willed women raised by their father. He wants them all to be settled and happy. You can see that there is potential for future stories with the remaining sisters. I loved both Chantilly and Jack. While the attraction in the beginning was definitely physical, you can see how their relationship grows as they get to know each other. While this is a novella, there was enough background laid out for me to feel like I knew the characters. I look forward to reading more about this family in the future. I definitely recommend this one!

Author: Marie Harte
Publisher: Carina Press (April 2011)

Miranda is duty-bound to journey across the Damned Plains to rescue the Princess of York from ruination. Her selfish cousin doesn't deserve her help, but the mission offers an opportunity to escape the smothering confines of life as an indentured companion to a spoiled princess.

Danner is a journeyman, a traveler with an extraordinary gift: the ability to withstand the deadly lightning bolts sent by moody gods. Drawn by her lush beauty, he agrees to guide Miranda across the Plains if she'll let him explore her body each night.

They face danger—blood ravens, cannibals, mechanical spyders—but Danner never anticipated that the bigger risk would be from Miranda and the things she makes him feel. A journeyman's life doesn't lend itself to commitment, but if they can rescue the princess and make it out of the Plains without getting zapped or eaten, Danner might have to make an exception for one amazing woman. If she'll have him.

I'm not sure I liked this one as much. I felt like I do when I miss the first half of the movie. It took too long to figure out what was going on and by the time I did, the story was over. This would have worked much better as a full novel. I thought there should be a little more explanation of the "world" into which I was dropped. There was just too much sci-fi, steam-punk, and Greek mythology all packed into one little story. On the erotica front, it was pretty well written. I did like the characters, but I didn't feel like I got to know them or their relationship well enough to care for their HEA. The ending was rushed and I'm not even sure what happened with the princess and her captor.


* note: I read an complimentary copy of both novellas supplied courtesy of Carina Press. I was not compensated in anyway for this review. By receiving a complimentary copy, I am in no way obligated to write a good or bad review. I am an honest reviewer and my reviews are based on my own opinion and only written by me.*

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