Thursday, June 23, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Temptation's Kiss

Author: Sandra Brown
First Published in 1983 by Jove Books

Megan Lambert can deal with her high pressure job as sales manager for an Atlanta radio station. She just can't handle her antagonism toward Josh Bennett, a major advertiser. Now he wants a meeting with her, and she doesn't know why. Josh is many things . . . powerful, handsome, and arrogant...but predictable isn't one of them. Suddenly, Josh makes a demand that puts Megan's career on the line and sets the emotional stakes so high they send her reeling. She's about to enter a world of limos and luxury, deception and false hope...and games of passion that can break a woman's heart when the wild card is love...

Temptation's Kiss is another early book by Sandra Brown. I did enjoy this one. I liked Josh's character better than Megan's. I thought she was a bit wimpy for the "tough" business woman that she was trying to make herself into. I also thought she was a bit naive when it came to her late husband. This may be be the result of the time in which it was written. I liked Josh's pursuit of Megan. It's always nice to see the man know what he wants when it comes to love; none of this, "do I or don't I. This is a nice little romance and I think it's worth picking it up. I picked up the audio version because I couldn't find a paperback copy of it.
You may have to peruse the used books stores for this one if your library doesn't have it.


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