Thursday, June 30, 2011

Throwback Thursday - This Side of Heaven

Author: Beverly Barton
First Published September 1992

DANGEROUS PASSION. Hot. Demanding. Inescapable. The power of destiny had joined Nate Hodges and Cyn Porter together, but the savagery of man seemed fated to tear them apart.

A warrior who walked alone, Nate could never mean anything but danger for any woman who dared to love him. Yet Cyn, touched by tragedy herself, realized this soul-scarred soldier needed her strength.

Though stalked by a madman bent on revenge, Nate succumbed to the pull of a passion older than time. Cyn, the brown-eyed beauty of his dreams - his impossible love - brought him peace. She was his very soul. But he knew with heart-shattering certainty that he could be her death...

This is an early work by Beverly Barton. It is the first in the Protector series. While I liked the overall book, I'm not sure I liked the relationship between Cyn and Nate. He was a real jerk to her and I couldn't see why she would want to get to know him after the way he treats her in the beginning. But I guess lust makes you want to keep coming back for more? In the end, they both find what they are looking for which is someone to love. There is a slight supernatural element to the book. If you are a fan of Ms. Barton this is worth looking up.


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