Thursday, June 9, 2011

Throwback Thursday: The Golden Valkyrie

Author: Iris Johansen
First Published in 1984 by Bantam Books

When P.I. Honey Winston is hired to steal incriminating letters from visiting dignitary Prince Rubinoff, she’s prepared for a dangerous mission that could end her career. But when she blows her cover, she finds that the amused prince is everything the media have made him out to be: part Adonis, part playboy—and irresistibly charismatic. The problem is, the feeling is mutual. Intrigued, the prince is determined to keep his gorgeous young trespasser by his side as long as possible.

For he’s never met anyone quite as daring, or breathtaking, as Honey. With the tables turned, Prince Rubinoff has Honey appointed his personal bodyguard. The official reason is an assassination plot. The truth is far more dangerous…

The Golden Valkyrie is an early work by Iris Johansen. This one is a little hard to swallow. Honey is a PI who gets caught breaking into a prince's hotel room. He is so enamored with her that he has her appointed his bodyguard saying there is a threat on his life. He flies her to his private island where he sets about seducing her, only to find out that she is a virgin (big surprise!) Honey annoyed me throughout the whole book. She was whiny and, well, annoying. She seemed too naive for someone in her profession. I did like Lance's character, but I wasn't sure how he could fall for Honey. Despite my dislike of Honey, the story isn't all bad. The peripheral characters do make it interesting. Their HEA ending is cute.

The book was re-issued a couple of years back, so it should be easy to find. As always, pick it up and give it a try. You might like it.



Cozy in Texas said...

I was surprised to see Iris Johansen's name on the cover until I read that it was an earlier work. It makes me wonder how she graduated to her current works.

Kari said...

I think a lot of romantic suspense writers got their start writing romances like these.