Thursday, October 6, 2011

Throwback Thursday - The Baron

Author: Sally Goldenbaum
First Published in 1987 by Loveswept

While playing the part of a glamorous contessa for a murder mystery weekend, Halley Finnegan finds herself in the arms of dashing baron Nick Harrington. For the first time in her life, Halley feels captivating, enchanting, a worthy companion to a wealthy, elegant man. But beneath the costume, Halley is just a nobody, while Nick remains a baron. After the festivities, the fantasy is over; Halley’s simply not in his class.

After Nick tracks down his mystery lady, Halley is sure that he’ll discover his mistake and run for the hills. Instead, he is all charm, teasing smiles, and gentle caresses, as if he never stepped out of character. How can she trust that this gentleman is the real Nick, and not just a part he plays? And how could Nick fall for a woman he wouldn’t have given the time of day a week before? Unless they start being honest with each other, Halley and Nick will lose each again—this time, forever.

Sally Goldenbaum is a new to me author.  What better way to discover a new author than to start back at the beginning.  The Baron was recently reissued as an e-book by the new Loveswept.  It is a quick read.  Perfect for an afternoon escape or a secret indulgence while waiting for swim lessons to end. Personally, I like the new cover much better:

Nick and Halley were great characters.  I loved the way Nick discovers love and how to open his heart through witnessing all of the open affection in Halley's circle of family and friends. Both Halley and Nick are wary.  Coming from different backgrounds, they both have to learn how to meet halfway.  I liked that their relationship built up over time and they became friends first.  It made their HEA more believable to me.  There is no real mystery here, the "secret" he is hiding is pretty easy to guess.  

I definitely recommend this throwback.  It's a sweet love story that will leave you with a smile on your face.


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