Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog Tour: The World As We Know It

by:  Joseph Monninger
published by:  Gallery Books
publish date:  July 7, 2011

A lifetime of friendship begins the day brothers Ed and Allard save Sarah from drowning in an icy river near their rural New Hampshire home. Though their paths diverge through the years, the connection between the three endures until a heartbreaking tragedy in the remote mountains of Wyoming forces Sarah and Allard to confront the unthinkable. In their grief, they find themselves on separate journeys that test the enduring bonds of their relationship and time’s unremitting power to heal. Poignant and transformative, The World as We Know It is subtle and heartrending—a love story of friendship, nature, and the surprising twists that can alter our destinies forever.

Grab the tissues for this one.  Some of the events are expected.  It says so in the synopsis, that there's heartbreaking tragedy.  The ending was a sweet little surprise that I didn't really expect.

Animal rights plays a big part in this book, and at times I felt like it was overshadowing the story.  I found that a little strange especially after I read the little Q & A with the author at the end because it didn't seem like he had strong feelings on animal rights.   For example, what was the purpose of the blind horse Billy in the story?  Was he supposed to be some kind of representation of Allard and his healing process? 

I did really enjoy this book.  I almost always love Gallery Tour Picks.  This book would be a perfect choice for a snowy day in front of the fire.

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