Friday, October 7, 2011

Blog Tour: Echoes of Savanna


I did like the idea behind this book.  The general story was a pretty good one.  The concept of terrorists releasing not just one plague on the world, but several different modified diseases was a solid idea.   I really liked the way the book started out on the Indian reservation.  Once the story line got to The Haven, I found myself somewhat less interested.  I think this was because the reader loses touch with what's going on in the outside world, just as Savanna does.

I really didn't like Savanna.  I thought she was going to be all tough and kick-ass.  She's genetically modified to be tall and strong and disease resistant, not to mention she's a genius.  Instead, she spent most of her time hiding away in The Haven, a protected colony her father built.  I felt like she was letting down most of the people she cared about, starting with Emily, then Travis and Caleb. 

I had some issues with the editing in this book.  It got sloppy at times.  Again, authors, I would encourage all of you to not to rely on the editors (if any) provided by the publisher.  Get your own.  While I'm on my soap box, curiosity gets piqued not peaked.

If you like dystopian, medical thrillers this might be your thing.  Maybe you'll like Savanna a lot more than I did.

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