Thursday, October 13, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Home for the Holidays

Author: Johanna Lindsey
First Published in 2000 by HarperCollins (audiobook by Brilliance Audio)

Left to handle the rumors other family's bankruptcy and impending eviction, Larissa Ascots wishes for a merry Christmas seem to be in peril for the first time in her sheltered life. A charming would-be "benefactor,"Vincent Everett, the Baron of Windsmoor, has offered to shelter Larissa and her young brother. But more than Yuletide spirit seems to have inspired the baron's generosity.From the moment he first set eyes on Larissa, the highborn rogue was bewitched. And now that she has taken up residence in his home, he aches with wanting her-a most unfortunate state of affairs, since the proud beauty obviously despises him ... and since Vincent has sworn to seek a righteous vengeance on the Ascot family.

But Christmas is a time of miracles, after all. And even two rival souls can be touched by the spirit of forgiveness in these magical days and showered with precious gifts of tenderness, love, and ecstasy unbound.

It has been a long time since I read a Johanna Lindsay novel. I used to read them secretly in my senior year in high school as a secret indulgence.  I know I used to think that she was really racy, but this one was pretty mild.  Vincent Everett is bent on revenge against a man who he thinks caused his brother to kill himself.  He evicts the man's family and upon seeing the daughter, Larissa, he decides to give them a place in his home and seduce her.  At this point, Vincent wasn't scoring high marks with me. 

Overall, I'm not sure I liked this story all that much. I'm not sure Vincent ever really redeemed himself in the end.  He was supposed to be a smart man, but instead of fully investigating his brother's death and his business, he let emotion get in the way.  Even though he knows his brother had always been a screw up. I thought that Larissa was just a bit naive. I felt no compassion for her after she basically gives up her virginity to a man she barely knows and then is upset to discover he has no intention of marrying her.  I did feel she was justified in hating him once she finds out his real motives for taking her in.  I can't say that it was something I would have easily forgiven.

I listened to the audio version of the book.  I did enjoy the narrator,  and it was a very quick "listen".  If you missed this one,try it out.  You might like it more than me.


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