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Series Week TT edition: Long Tall Texans I by Diana Palmer

These 3 are the first in the Long Tall Texans series by Diana Palmer.  Before I delve into each book on its own, I have a couple of comments.  The books did seem dated to me.  Especially with the clothing descriptions as well as the way the women are treated in the books.  I wasn't surprised it was written in the 80s.  The other comment is that I seem to be finding a running trend in Ms. Palmer's books.  Every woman is a naive virgin.  What's up with that?  OK onto the books:

First up:
First published in 1988 by Harlequin


Although Calhoun Ballenger had raised Abby since childhood, she was now nearly twenty-one years old. How dare he keep her under his thumb, protected like a hothouse flower! Abby had to teach Calhoun a lesson. With the fury of a South Texas twister, she devised a plan to prove her independence - and capture his attention. 

But Abby's scheme backfired. She wasn't like the diamond-studded sophisticates Calhoun chose as his companions. She was just a simple country girl who craved the love of a good, strong man. How could she make Cal see that his young charge had blossomed into a rose...and was now ripe for the picking?

For the most part, I liked this one.  Calhoun and Abby have known each other for a while and so I did believe their feelings in this one.  Abby has been in love with Calhoun for a while, but he still sees her as a little girl.  I could understand Calhoun's reluctance at first to enter into any type of relationship with the woman who has been his "ward" for the past 5 years.  Even though Abby is extremely naive and inexperienced, I ended up liking her in the end.  She seemed to find her voice and became a stronger person.  I had a hard time with the "virginal" blush and shock at an "intimate kiss" thing but I guess if you have been sheltered for so long, you wouldn't know what to do either. In all not a bad start. 

First Published in 1988 by Harlequin


Sweet dreams had been all that lovely Shelby Jacobs had ever given Justin Ballenger. He'd loved her, wanted to marry her....and his sweet dreams had blown away. A Ballenger wasn't good enough for Shelby...she'd broken their engagement and flaunted her rich society lover in Justin's face. He vowed never again to be vulnerable to his beautiful Texas rose. 

Shelby had never stopped loving dark, intense Justin, and seeing him only deepened her feelings. She was sure he despised her, but she knew he needed to hear the truth about the past. She was risking everything, but the heart of her lonesome cowboy was more than worth it...

This one was a bit better than the first one, but not by much.  Justin and Shelby have a past.  They are still in love but both refuse to let the past go and move on.  I thought that Justin was a jerk through pretty much the whole book.  Even when she had proof that she didn't lie about what happened to break them up, he still didn't trust her.  I didn't blame her in the least for leaving him.  Although, I probably would have done it a lot sooner. I also probably would have made him grovel a little more, but that is me.  I liked their HEA though.  It was nice to see two loves find their way back to each other.  

Last, but not least:

First Published in 1988 by Harlequin


With only a quick glance at Nell Regan, a man might miss the beauty in the shy face, or the sexy figure hidden beneath the shapeless clothes. Nell had learned the hard way the she had nothing to offer a man. Her future was here, running her Arizona dude ranch...alone. 

Then Tyler Jacobs arrived...a man who knew what it was like to be alone and alienated. He yearned to kiss away the pain he saw in Nell s deep brown eyes. 

But Nell wasn't about to mistake kindness for love. Not again. Yet would denying her own desire destroy her one chance for happiness.

This one ended up being a did not finish for me.  It was just too ridiculous or maybe I had had enough of women who get to their 20s and know NOTHING about even kissing a man.  Really? I know it was written in the 80s but, come on.  Did a woman like Nell really exist in the 80s?  It was something I just couldn't get past so I didn't really feel the relationship between Tyler and Nell.   I'm this close to calling it quits with this series.  If they are all like this, it could get a little tiring.

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