Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cruise to Murder Blog Tour & Guest Blog

Today we welcome the writing team, Zoey and Claire Kane who are promoting their books, The Riddles of Hillgate and Cruise to Murder.

Publisher: Breezy Reads
Date of Publication: October 2011

Zoey is known around her town of Riverside for making bad decisions when it comes to auctions and real estate investments. When her savvy daughter, Claire, learns her most recent purchase is eighty acres on the haunted, desolate side of town, she is simply flabbergasted. This purchase soon reveals some hidden inconveniences, like—murder, skeletons, secrets, and the riddles of Hillgate Manor.

The Riddles of Hillgate is a nice cozy mystery and a good start to a new series by Mother daughter writing team, Zoey and Claire Zane.  Soey purchases a huge plot of land at an auction.  What she doesn't know is that she has also bought a mansion that holds secrets.

 Soon after moving in, they start to hear bumps in the night.  Is the house haunted, or is someone out for blood?   While there were some scenarios in the book that I found a bit far-fetched, I did enjoy the banter and relationship between Zoey and Claire.  You get a sense that they are very close and enjoy each others company.  The mystery itself was interesting and kept me guessing.  As I said, a good start to the series.

Publisher: Breezy Reads
Date of Publication: January 2012

When The Sunburst, an elite celebrity cruise ship, sets sail to Kinikiwiki Island, trouble follows billionaire Felix Belmont across the high seas. The curiosity of a mother-daughter-duo gets them tangled up in voodoo, murders and an international conspiracy surrounding him. The islanders don't know it, but their lives are all in danger, too... And their only hope is vacationers Zoey and Claire Kane. 

This short mystery is packed with trouble, mystery and intrigue. One thing I can say is that trouble definitely follows this mother/daughter team. The mystery was pretty interesting and it did keep me guessing. Despite that, I'm not sure I enjoyed it as much as the first one.  I felt like some of the reactions to certain events seemed really off and inappropriate.  For example, if a dog exploded in front of me, I would probably be screaming, not making jokes.  While this didn't appeal to me, others may not be bothered by it.  If you are looking for quick mystery to read, pick this one up.  I am interested to see what adventures Zoey and Claire have next.

And now a word from the authors:

Zoey and Claire Kane Discuss Their Mystery Adventures

Zoey: Claire and I just seem to draw out the crazy and dark side to what should be normal life. I would say the unexpected is very much part of our unintentional adventures. Take for instance our Cruise to Murder. Who would have thought that we would have been pulled into a twisted conspiracy just because I found a cameo pin in the sand of a cave? When I walked into our cabin on The Sunburst cruise ship, and found a well-dressed man of distinction with a knife against Claire’s throat, it was shocking. Every thought on how to save her streamed my mind, while at the same I had to concentrate on controlling my breathing, to try and get us out of harm’s way.

Claire: Yes, it’s not like we enjoy getting into rumbles with crazed cannibals on cruise ships. Or enjoy getting messages in blood on our mirrors, like what happened to us in The Riddles of Hillgate. We just attract the most bizarre, scary scenarios.

Mom and I just want to relax, have fun, maybe try out a business together…

Zoey: Find a little romance while we’re at it. (smiles)

Claire: Yes, some romance would be nice. We run across handsome men, but who’s to know if they are who they even say they are. It hasn’t been that simple. Mom and I joke that we can’t totally trust the pizza delivery boy to be the pizza delivery boy.

Zoey: That’s right! (laughs) You’ll know what we mean, when you read our mysteries.

Claire: And whoever dates us knows they have to be ready for a wild ride. They have to be ready for us to be knocking out bad guys.

Zoey: …and body slamming dead people. Don’t forget that, Claire.

Claire: Oh, yes, who could forget? (rolls eyes and laughs) Well, what keeps us going is knowing Mom and I have each other. We’re a great team. (pats Zoey’s knee)

Zoey: That’s right. I’m like a left leg and she is a right leg. As a team, I am certain we can solve any case.

Claire: Thank you to From the TBR Pile for having us. If we have piqued your interest, check out our books, and at least stop by our blog-- Enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

About the authors:
Claire has a Masters in Journalism, was Editor for Eye Witness Magazine and can’t make Irish Rum Cookies to save her life.

Zoey has dabbled in modeling, is a licensed real-estate agent, seeks for treasures (great and small), and is often underestimated.

Together, Zoey and Claire are a mother-daughter mystery solving duo. With their backgrounds and natural instincts, these two are ready to gut punch bad guys and body slam dead people. During their downtime, they dream of island men whisking them away.

(Claire and Zoey are also fictional, and their authors are a real life mother and daughter who use their names as pseudonyms. Don't tell them that, though.) 

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