Thursday, March 22, 2012

Throwback Thursday - Future Perfect by Suzanne Brockmann

 Author: Suzanne Brockmann
First published in 1993 by  Kismet

Juliana Anderson is perfectly content running her bed and breakfast in small town Massachusetts; she doesn't think there's room in her life for romance or adventure, and she's okay with that...until a handsome, rugged stranger arrives at the B&B and offers her everything that she never knew she wanted. In Future Perfect, Brockmann delivers the kind of straight-up contemporary romance that readers are clamoring for—unforgettable characters, a juicy love story with a page-turning plot.

Future Perfect is one of Suzanne Brockmann's earlier romances.  I'm not sure I loved it even though I really wanted to love the book.  There was a definite a role reversal in this book.  For once it was the guy who fell in love first; pretty much from first sight. I thought that Webster was a great character.  You don't find many sensitive guys like him much in romances anymore. Juliana is the reluctant one.  She has been too independent for too long to want to give up her life.  The issue I had with this book was the secret that Juliana keeps from Webster throughout the book.  This secret causes a HUGE misunderstanding and conflict.  Then, when the secret is revealed instead of apologizing, Juliana makes Webster crawl back to her. If she hadn't kept it all a secret in the first place, none of the conflict would have happened.  While I am all for conflict in a romance because it does make things interesting, this was just frustrating. 

If you missed it try it out and see for yourself.  This book was re-issued recently. Personally, I like the new cover much better. Yum! 

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Danmark said...

This was a great, winter day romance. It was warm and cozy. Juliana owns and operates a Victorian bed and breakfast; Webster is an author suffering from writer's block. He comes to stay and falls for her. She is hiding a deep secret. She is dyslexic and has never learned to read.

Neither of them is looking for love. Juliana has been hurt before and Web doesn't even believe in love. At first the attraction is physical but soon they come to love each other because of who they both are. But the course of their romance can't run smoothly. First there is Web's bout of the flu and then an ice storm comes just when Juliana's best friend is ready to have her third child. And along the way Juliana is worried about an upcoming visit from a reviewer from a major newspaper (which leads to still another misunderstanding) and Web has to deal with his writer's block.