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BLog Tour: Review & Interview Illusions by Kacey Hammell

Today we welcome author, Kacey Hammell, who is promoting her new book Illusions.  Check out her interview after my review of the book..

Welcome, Kacey!

Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Date of Publication: February 2012

Protection. Adventure. Love. 
It's all found within The Arms of the Law... 

Detective Isabella Knowles, a tough-as-nails cop, lives by the law, and knows what she wants out of life. And it doesn't include marriage or all that comes with it. Everything Isabella has ever known seems like an illusion when a new relationship makes her feel more alive than ever before. She isn’t happy about it and fights it every step of the way. 

Burned by his fiancée years ago, seer and P.I., Brady Jacobs never wants another commitment in his life. But his bachelorhood and heart are threatened when he has one of his visions and see a killer striking too close to the woman he has recently come to love. 

Danger lurks close to home and neither Brady nor Isabella like that they can’t control every situation…especially matters of the heart.

My Take: Illusions is a quick and enjoyable romantic suspense, .  Isabella has experienced loss in her life and that has made her shy away from commitment and "happily ever after".  What a better to have the best of both worlds, than to have an affair with her best friend.  It's supposed to be no strings attached, friend with benefits, right? She quickly find out how wrong she was.  Brady figures  he has the perfect woman for him, but he has to convince Isabella of that fact. It was refreshing to have the guy be in the one in love and ready to admit it first.  I also liked that they had a friendship first before the love affair.  You could tell that they really did care about each other.  My only complaint about the story is that I wish it had been longer.  I felt like the mystery part came out of nowhere.  It would have been nice to have more of a build up to it.  Despite that, I think romantic suspense fans will enjoy this one.  I know I did.

And now for Kacey's Interview:

What inspired you to become a writer?
Kacey: The love of the written word, the knowledge and pleasure I found/find in reading. Plus the encouragement of my husband after being a reviewer for some online sites for years. He believed I could do it and so I did.
Where do you come up with the idea for your books?
Kacey: Real life situations, dreams, tv/movies – strong characters and making my own twists and spins on concepts, and the characters that just won’t stop nattering in my ears.

What exciting projects are waiting in the wings?
Kacey: I have a Contemporary Erotic Romance submitted to a few publishers. Dare is the title, it’s sexy, sassy, fun and very steamy. I believe my CP called me kinky when she read it! LOL
The Sequel to Illusions…AWAKENINGS…has just been contracted with Decadent Publishing.
I have a Paranormal/Ménage trilogy that I’m starting.  And doing self-edits on a just finished WIP, yet untitled, of a very tortured heroine who finds herself buried deep in darkness and grief.
So lots of things to come.

Who is your favorite literary character and why?
Kacey: I have a few actually, but one of the top three is …
Anne of Green Gables, by LM Montgomery. She is a red-haired, freckle-faced orphan who faces the world with absolutely nothing but the sheer force of her personality. She is feisty, funny and above all unabashedly passionate.  I love her. My parents always said I reminded them of her when I was growing up. High compliment indeed.

Just for fun, if you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
Kacey: Oooh, I think an owl. Owls are gorgeous creatures. Many fly silently, have impeccable hearing and vision. They are just wise creatures and so graceful.

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Canadian-born author, Kacey Hammell is a self-proclaimed book-a-holic, who began reading romances at a young age and became easily addicted.  As a Mom of three, Kacey has made certain that each of her children know the value of the written word and the adventures they could escape on by becoming book-a-holics in their own right.

A decade ago, while working for multiple review sites, Kacey quickly discovered that she was developing the writing bug. Thanks to the encouragement of her own beloved hero husband, she decided to try her hand at writing. 

With a love of contemporary settings, modern day romances and the happily ever after, as well as the excitement of suspense, Kacey creates stories in genres she’s familiar with and that she loves most. She also loves vampires who nibble the necks of the heroines, ghosts who can't leave a loved one, shape-shifters who are sexier than hell and the thought of her very own werewolf or were-cat to tame makes her tremble!

Readers can learn more about Kacey’s books and contact her via …



KaceyHammell said...

Thank you for hosting me, ladies.
Kari, thank you for the review. Much appreciated & glad you enjoyed.

Jessica E. Subject said...

Congrats on the second book being contracted to Decadent! I look forward to reading Illusions. It's waiting on my Kobo. :)

All the best with your blog tour!

KaceyHammell said...

Thnx Jessica! Hope you enjoy. We all need more time to just read :D

Thnx for stopping by and the congrats.

Jennifer Probst said...

Hi Kacey! Big congrats on the release! Loved the interview too - this book is on my def to buy list!!

KaceyHammell said...

Thank you Jennifer! Appreciate your stopping by and kind words. hope you get the chance to read Illusions. Thnx again!