Sunday, September 23, 2012

Molly Ringwald Wrote a Book?

That was my first thought when I saw the audiobook on the library's website.  It's called When it Happens to You.  It's a novel in stories.  The book is a collection of 8 stories, but they all touch upon the story of husband and wife, Phillip and Greta, and their daughter Charlotte. 

Phillip and Greta are desperately trying for their second child.  Greta is dedicating herself to the task with manic commitment and clinical precision, but she still hasn't gotten pregnant.  Phillip is growing more and more distant with his wife.  He feels like an outsider in his home.  He begins to have affairs while on business trips.  It's the relationship that he has with Charlotte's violin instructor that causes his marriage to fall apart.

Throughout the stories we learn how Phillip, Greta and Charlotte are dealing with the break up.  Greta begins dating the actor on a children's TV show.  Phillip casually dates the mother of one of Charlotte's friend.  This part of the book was my favorite.  The character of Ollie, Charlotte's friend, was one of the best in the book.  Charlotte befriends the old woman that lives next door and vents her frustrations to her. 

I was impressed by this book.  I thought it dealt well with tough subject matter.  The way that the book was laid out was creative and interesting.  It kept me wondering how each story was going to tie into the greater overall story.  Molly Ringwald herself did the audiobook and I thought that was also done well.  As she's gotten older her voice has gotten more mellow, so that kind of high pitched Brat Pack thing wasn't happening here.  So kudos Molly Ringwald!  I hope you write more!


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