Friday, September 21, 2012

Blog Tour: Going with the Flo by Lillian Grant

Author: Lillian Grant
Publisher: August 2012
Date of publication: Liquid Silver Books

Nineties girl Florence Spring joined Avon to find her Edward Scissorhands but instead needs to rescue his porno alter ego.

When Florence notices her eccentric ex-boyfriend, Eddie, isn't putting on his usual show in the front window on Friday night she decides to investigate. She asks her best friend, Nelson Tyler, to help but he seems more interested in seducing Florence than in finding her personal flasher.

Florence has no idea when she embarks on the adventure she will accidentally shoot an undercover policeman, or that her actions will lead to Nelson's kidnapping. 

Now with two men missing she has no choice but to continue and thwart the plans of a psychotic soon to be divorcee. She needs to rescue Nelson because life without him is unbearable, especially since she's discovered his long sensitive fingers are far more erotic than scissorhands.

Going with the FLo is an enjoyable read.   I loved Florence and Nelson.  Romances where the couple have been friends forever and finally admit they want more are the best kind.  Nelson is very protective of Florence.  He is always rescuing her from crazy situations that she gets herself into.  They are a really cute couple and they had great chemistry together.

The mystery was pretty entertaining and kept me engaged.  Even though he flashes her weekly, Florence becomes concerned when she doesn't see Eddie for a couple of days.  Her desire to play amateur sleuth only gets her into trouble.  It also gets Nelson kidnapped.  There were some very amusing and moments.

This is the first book I have read by Ms. Grant.  I know I will be seeking out some of her other books.  If they are like this one, I know I am in for a treat.   

About the author:

Born and bred in the UK, my whole life was turned on its head when, at the tender age of eighteen, I met and fell instantly in love with my darling husband. I knew the minute I met him I was going to marry him and, fortunately, he came to the same conclusion less than six months later. My husband has shown me the world, starting by bringing me to Australia. The country we now call home, and where we have raised our two boys. It didn’t take me long to turn native, becoming a citizen and dropping the British accent. However, our wanderlust didn’t stop there. We have moved from state to state always ready for a new adventure. We have also holidayed in many destinations around the world. No matter where in the world I am I always keep my quirky British sense of humor. Well, you can’t give up all of your heritage now can you?

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