Thursday, April 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday: From This Day by Nora Roberts

Author: Nora Roberts
First published in 1983  by  Silhouette

When B. J. Clark, the young and pretty manager of the Lakeside Inn, met the new owner, Taylor Reynolds, she was fully prepared to dislike him. For she feared-with good reason-that he planned to transform her sleepy old hotel into a resort for jet-setters.

That sparks should fly between them was inevitable. But that these should be fanned by a mutual passion was no in her plans. Against all reason B.J. found herself torn between her professional antagonism and her growing attraction to the man she had sworn to despise.

What can I say about this early Nora Roberts book?  It shows that early on she knew how to write a fun romance with two characters who cause fireworks every time they are together.  Taylor is definitely a man who know what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it.  Some may think he is too much of an alpha, but I thought he was more amusing than anything.  To be fair, B.J. tends to fly off the handle and jump to conclusions very quickly.  She is also always on the defensive and I could see why this would cause Taylor to take charge.  The romance was sweet.  It is also a pretty clean romance. It's a little dated, but that only adds to the appeal.  This one is out on audio, so check it out if you missed it.

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