Thursday, April 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Tempestuous Eden by Heather Graham

Author: Heather Graham
First published in 1983 by Del Publishing Company .
Re-issued by Open Road Media April 23, 2013

After the untimely death of her husband, Blair Morgan leaves her privileged life—against the wishes of her father—to work with the poor in Central America. Focused on helping the people of this war-torn region, she’s uneasy when journalist Craig Taylor suddenly appears. Blair is determined to keep her true identity a secret, but finds herself confiding in brave and confident Craig. He has an agenda of his own, and when he finally puts his plans into action, both he and Claire must scramble to save their lives—and their hearts.

Tempestuous Eden is another early work by Heather Graham.  She really did write enjoyable contemporary romances back in the beginning.  Although it was originally written in the early 80s, I felt like the book stood the test of time.  Other than references to Vietnam, I never felt like it was out dated. 

The love story between Blair and Craig was very intense and steamy!  Blair, despite her reluctance to trust and open her heart, falls for Craig.  He also falls hard for her.  It's too bad Craig must "abduct" Blair and betray her trust.  The HEA was wonderful as both Blair and Craig ended up with a relationship that they both would be ultimately happy with.  I'm glad that Craig never gave up!

There was one thing about the story that annoyed me.  I felt frustrated at not knowing why Craig couldn't even give Blair a hint as to why he had to abduct her.  The reader doesn't even find out until Blair does.  While I know it was supposed to add a bit of suspense, I would have liked to have some inside knowledge.  Despite that, I enjoyed the story.  I think fans of Ms. Graham will enjoy it as well!

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