Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dead to You by Lisa McMann

by:  Lisa McMann
published by:  Simon Pulse
publish date:  February 7, 2012

Ethan was abducted from his front yard when he was just seven years old. Now, at sixteen, he has returned to his family.

When Ethan was abducted it tore his family apart.  Now that he's back, it's tearing down every thing they build up.   Ethan, while glad to be home, is having a hard time adjusting to a life with rules and a life with a distrusting brother and a little sister that he calls "the replacement child".

This is a short book, it's only about 250 pages, but it packs a lot of story in those pages.   Ethan's brother is only 4 years old when he was abducted but apparently he remember the whole thing quite clearly.  He is very resentful of Ethan when he comes back.  He hates him for allowing himself to be abducted and he hates him for coming back.  This hatred between the brothers is what brings the book to its ultimate conclusion.

Personally, I kinda questioned whether or not a 4 year old could clearly remember such an event, but it's really neither here nor there.  It's just a story.  In the end it was an interesting story, it was a good story.   It was definitely one worth reading, just to make your mind question what if?  And has this happened?

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Anonymous said...

This plot sounds very similar to the biography and movie of the week called "I Know My Name is Steven", about a young boy who is rescued after being kidnapped and has a hard time making it in the family structure once again. That book was just heartbreaking, because it was true and did not have a HEA to boot. Thanks for sharing this.
(movie and book available at Amazon)