Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: Bare It All by Lori Foster

Author: Lori Foster
Publisher:  Harlequin (MIRA)
Date of Publication: April 2013

As the person responsible for taking down a brutal human trafficker, Alice Appleton fears retaliation at every turn. No one knows about her past, which is exactly how she prefers it...until the sexy cop next door comes knocking. 
Detective Reese Bareden thinks he knows what makes women tick, but his ever-elusive neighbor keeps him guessing like no other. Is his goal to unmask Alice's secrets? Or protect her from a dangerous new threat? One thing is certain: their chemistry is a time bomb waiting to explode. And with no one to trust but each other, Reese and Alice are soon drawn into a deadly maze of corruption, intrigue and desire-and into the line of fire....
Bare it All is the second in the Love Undercover series by Ms. Foster.  If you are a fan of hers, you know she writes great alpha males and strong females.  This book doesn't disappoint.  Reese and Alice live in the same building.  From the first time he saw her, Alice has intrigued him.  This book pretty much picks up the morning after the events of the previous book, Run the Risk.  
Alice has been through a major ordeal and made it so that she doesn't have to interact with anyone..  Through Reese, she gains more than just a love interest.  She is able to learn to let go of her past and reach out to other people.  The book has some great LOL moments between Alice and Reese. Her honesty was refreshing and definitely threw Reese for a loop.  They were great together.  There is also a cameo appearance from Trace Rivers.  (He was in Trace of Fever, Harlequin 2012)  I will admit that the suspense part of the book was a little anti-climatic, but the overall story makes up for it.
I loved the developing friendship between Alice and Pepper.  Their conversation in the police station was priceless.  I am also intrigued by the growing relationship between Rowdy and Avery as well as the hint of what is to come with Dash and Lieutenant Peterson. I can't wait for their stories!

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