Thursday, August 15, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Understood by Maya Banks

Author: Maya banks
First published in 2006 by Samhain Publishing

When she breaks free from the bondage of her past, he'll be waiting.

Jake Turner committed the ultimate mistake of falling in love with his best friend's wife. The distance he puts between them costs both him and Ellie Matthews dearly. Jake will never forgive himself for not seeing what a bastard his friend was. Now that Ellie is free from her nightmare, Jake waits, needing and wanting. He'll be there when Ellie is ready to spread her wings.

Understood became available on my library's audio site and it looked perfect for Throwback Thursday.  It's more like a novella, since it was only 2 discs.  I was able to finish listening to it during my commute to and from work in one day.  

I can't say I liked this story all that much. I had a hard time believing that Ellie could go through all that she did with her ex-husband and suddenly be OK to jump into bed with Jake.  I think I would have believed it more had she gone into some counseling.  Also, after she was beaten by her husband and Jake rescued her, why didn't they call the police?  I know that the police hadn't believed her before, but Jake had friends on the force who he could have called.  Not to mention she was bleeding, beaten and had been raped.  Who wouldn't believe that? 

I thought the writing was repetitive.  I was almost tempted to re-listen to count how many time Ellie bit her lower lip or Jake lifted her chin with his fingers.  I only know that I started rolling my eyes after the 3rd or 4th time.   It was also way too short.  There should have been more character/story development.  I also wanted to understand the change of heart her ex had after his interview.  What made him suddenly change his mind?

I know Ms. Banks has better books out there.  I'd say you could skip this one unless you have 2 hours in the car to waste.

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