Friday, December 27, 2013

Our Book Disappointments of 2013

Covet was on my Most Anticipated list for 2013 because I loved The Island so much, but Covet was so whiny.  I hated it a lot.

Fuse, well I had trouble with the first book but it still made me think a lot, I was holding out hope for the second book.  Second book was just eh.  Also, I had trouble following what was going on.  I don't know if it was that too much time had passed between publication of the first book and the second or what.  That's a risk you run when you publish these trilogies instead of just condensing your story down to ONE GOOD BOOK.

NOS4A2 wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be.  It got overly long and the story got really convoluted and weird.  I think if it had been about 1/3 shorter, it would have been perfect.

Cartwheel was good, but there was never really a clearly defined answer as to what actually happened.

Night Film:  OMG the ending sucked.

With the exception of Covet, which I didn't read, I have to agree with everything that Autumn wrote about the above books.  While I had a lot of book disappointments this year, to this list, I will add:

Red Moon had an interesting premise, but what a snooze fest!  I was so bored that I'm not sure why I finished it.

I wanted to love The Registry, but by the end of the book, I still didn't
know what was going on. It had so much potential.

Scowler was just too disturbing to even like.  I still have icky feelings when I think about the book.

Three Graves Full, another snooze fest.

Autumn and I have high hopes that next year will be a better book year!

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