Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review: The Best Man by Kristin Higgins

Author: Kristin Higgins
Publisher: Harlequin
Date of publication: February 2013
Faith Holland left her hometown after being jilted at the altar. Now a little older and wiser, she’s ready to return to the Blue Heron Winery, her family’s vineyard, to confront the ghosts of her past, and maybe enjoy a glass of red. After all, there’s some great scenery there....

Like Levi Cooper, the local police chief - and best friend of her former fiancé. There’s a lot about Levi that Faith never noticed, and it’s not just those deep green eyes. The only catch is she’s having a hard time forgetting that he helped ruin her wedding all those years ago.

The Best Man is a sweet and hilarious romance about finding out that the love you thought you wanted isn't what you really need.  The story waffles between the past and the present.  As Faith navigates her return to the Blue Heron, the reader is slowly told in flashbacks how Faith came to be jilted at the alter, how her fiance came out of the closet and how Faith comes to despise/love the man who ruined her wedding.  

I thought this was one of the funniest books that I have read all year.  I just loved Faith.  To start, she isn't a super skinny model type.  She is always meaning to lose that extra 15lbs, she just never gets the time. She loves her family and only wants the best for them.  How can you not love her and the situations she gets herself into?  I don't ever think I will look at an automatic flush toilet the same way again after reading this.  That scene was just too funny!  Levi is just a man who will melt your heart.  I love what he did for Faith to help her move past the hurt and guilt over the car accident that killed her mother.  His relationship with his sister was very endearing.

Along with the great romance, there are a whole cast of characters that make you want to smile.  Goggy and Pops were always up for some comic relief.  Faith's sister and her husband's sexting was just too funny!  I could go on...  I definitely recommend this book!  It's sweet, funny and will leave you with a smile.

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