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Interview & Review: If Wishes were Earls by Elizabeth Boyle

Please welcome author Elizabeth Boyle as she promotes her latest book, If Wishes were Earls.  Enjoy our interview with her after my thoughts on the book.

Publisher: Avon
Date of Publication: December 2013

Harrriet Hathaway has loved only one man her entire life: the Earl of Roxley. But when he ignores her at a ball, she takes rather desperate steps to catch his eye and her plans find her ruined and without any hope of gaining Roxley’s heart. So it is much to her amazement when Roxley proposes marriage to save her from ruin. But Roxley’s proposal isn’t quite on the up and up and when she finds out she’s just another piece in one of his plots and japes, she vows revenge.

My thoughts:

If Wishes were Earls is the latest in the 'Rhymes with Love series. This series keeps getting better and better.  I loved Harriet and Roxley's story.  I have always been a sucker for Friends to lovers tales. The two have known each other since they were small.  In fact, the first time they met, "Harry" knocked a young Roxley in his behind when he said he would never marry the likes of her.   They definitely are right for each other.  Harriet has been in love with him forever and truly sees beyond the playboy image that he portrays in London society.

The story was a fun adventure.  Someone is trying to ruin Roxley and his 3 aunts.  I had an inkling of who was behind it, but there were a few suspects, I kept second guessing myself. That made it more fun when I got to the end.  In order to try to save Harriet from danger, Roxley tries to deny his feelings.  I was really pulling for him to give into his desire.  They had great banter and that showed how deep and true their friendship ran.  

The only thing that was missing from the book was my favorite dog, Mr. Muggins.  He is always good for a laugh-out-loud scene.   I look forward to the next in the series.  I also hope that Harriet's brother, Chaunce gets a book in the future! I definitely recommend this series for anyone who loves historical romance!

Kari& Autumn: What inspired you to become a writer?

Elizabeth: I never wanted to be anything else. I think I came out telling stories. But in my family, that is sort of par for the course—on both sides. I come from a long line of story tellers—holidays and family gatherings involve a lot of adults sitting around the table seeing who can relate the best family history, or screw-up, or anything that was just plain funny. As a kid, I would sit and listen and just drink it all in. 

Now I still listen—wherever I go and drink in people chatting, couples at dinner in a restaurant, the dynamics of relationships. It is all fodder for the story mill.

Kari& Autumn: Where do you come up with the ideas for your books?

Elizabeth: Pretty much everywhere. An item in the newspaper. A picture on Pinterest. I once got inspired to create a character after listening to a pair of teenage girls mercilessly gossip about their friend, Tally. Along Came a Duke was inspired by the line in the nursery rhyme—along came a spider and sat down beside her. I changed the spider into a duke and then asked the proverbial writer question, “and then what happened?” That is my favorite question to muddle on. What happened next?

Kari& Autumn: What exciting projects are waiting in the wings?

Elizabeth: More than I can count. I tend to be a font of ideas—I never run out. In fact, I have too many. But I am currently working on the next two books in the Rhymes with Love series about the Tempest twins, Louisa and Lavinia. These two are a hoot and their adventures in London leave them both in hot water. I’m having fun with them. And then I have a novella to finish that is an offshoot from my book, Mad About the Duke. Then . . .well, we’ll see what bubbles to the forefront.

Kari& Autumn: Who is your favorite literary character and why?

Elizabeth: Just one? First, I would say Valancy Stirling from L.M. Montgomery’s book, The Blue Castle. I love how she looks at her dreary life one day and decides to throw off every limitation she and her family have placed on her and decides to live. Beautiful and romantic! Then I would place a close second on Sophy, from Georgette Heyer’s wonderful book, The Grand Sophy. I just love how she barges in, turns everything upside down, and then puts it all to rights. Too. Much. Fun!

Kari& Autumn: Just for fun, if you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

Elizabeth: Easy. My cat. She spends all her time sleeping beside me while I work. I have to ask, who has the better job?

About the author:

Elizabeth Boyle is the author of 22 Regency set historical romances including her latest release, If Wishes Were Earls. When not writing, she is gazing at Puget Sound from her home in Seattle, herding her family (which is much like herding feral cats) and letting her imagination roam through the glorious world of Jane Austen. For more information about her historical romances, visit,

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