Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rhymes with Love Series by Elizabeth Boyle

Today, I have the first two books and novella in the Rhymes with Love series by Elizabeth Boyle. Make sure to come back on Friday, January 10, 2013 to read our interview with Ms. Boyle as well as my review of the latest book, If Wishes were Earls!

Along Came a Duke (Avon, May 2012) is the first in this series.  Tabitha has learned that she is set to inherit a large fortune, but must marry a man she has never met in order to inherit. On her journey to London, she meets The Duke of Preston who is thought to be a rake in most of society.  He needs to marry in order to save the family's good name from remaining in scandal.  

While a little slow, I did ultimately enjoy the book. When the two meet, the attraction is instant. But, there were times that I felt like they weren't really into each other and only knew it because I was told.  I also felt like it took the forever to get together.  I think the book could have been a little shorter than it was because some of it felt like filler to me.

There is a lot of miscommunication in the book which does cause some humorous moments.   I especially liked the "rescue" at the end.  It was pretty amusing.  I also liked Mr. Muggins who was a funny character in his own right.

And the Miss Ran away with the Rake (Avon, March 2013), is my favorite of the series so far.  Lord Henry Seldon has been
corresponding with an unknown woman who goes by the name "Ms. Spooner".  He is using the name of Mr. Dishforth.  Little does he know that his Ms. Spooner is Lady Daphne Dale.  The problem? The Dales and the Seldons have been feuding for 300 years.  I won't give away why, you'll have to read to find out for yourself.  The two fall for each other through their letters and try to meet up. They meet up as heir real selves, not realizing they are also pen pals.

It was fun watching Daphne and Henry fall for each other in real life while trying desperately not to do just that because of their family connections.  I felt like this relationship had more heat and passion than in the first book and just seemed more real to me. There is also a good dose of humor in this book. some memorable moments featuring Mr. Muggins and feathered dresses. The chase to Gretna Green toward the end was fun.  I especially loved their HEA. 

Have You Any Rogues (Avon impulse, November 2013) is a short novella that features Henrietta Seldon and Crispin Dale.  The two were in love at one point, but have not spoken to each other for a long time.  When they get locked in the wine cellar, they end up talking about their missed opportunities to get together.  We also get to the bottom of why Henrietta has been married and lost 3 husbands.  

It's a pretty short story that is told mostly in flashbacks.  I felt badly for the couple as they had so many chances to find happiness with each other.  But, due to misunderstandings and outside influences, they couldn't seem to make it work.  I was really rooting for them.  It's a quick read and a welcome addition to the series.  

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