Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Execution by Dick Wolf

published by:  William Morrow and Company
publish date:  January 7, 2014

NYPD Detective Jeremy Fisk must make an uneasy ally - the disturbingly beautiful and assertive Mexican Intelligence Agency Detective Cecilia Garza. She recognizes the signature of assassin Chuparosa - a hummingbird carved on a corpse. After years of pursuit, she knows only that he is heading to Manhattan - with the rest of the world for UN Week.   Ten days after the Mexican presidential election, 23 bodies were found beheaded on the US border, each carved by Chuparosa. Near New York, Rockaway has a mass murder. There is more to this threat than meets the eye — and justice is not always blind.

This is the second book by Dick Wolf featuring Jeremy Fisk.  While his services are in high demand after saving the president, Fisk is laying low nursing his wound from the ordeal.  He's still hurt from the loss of his girlfriend and still bitter that her killer, while behind bars, is alive.  Even though, he's gotten better offers, he keeps his job in the NYPD.   Just as he's getting ready for UN Week, 23 bodies show up and they indicate Mexican cartel activity.  He has to team up with Detective Garza to solve the crime before the assassin takes down the Mexican president in the middle of UN Week.  

I've liked both books featuring Jeremy Fisk.  They're both solid political thrillers.   The Fisk novels have been well paced, action-packed and both have been diverse and applicable to modern threats.   Sadly, this genre lost Vince Flynn last year so if you're looking for a new writer to fill that void, Dick Wolf might be what you're looking for.  

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