Thursday, April 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Whistle for the Crows by Dorothy Eden

Author: Dorothy Eden
First publisher in 1962.  
Re-issued by Open Road Media July 2013

For Cathleen Lamb, traveling to Dublin to record the history of the mystery-shrouded O’Riordan family is the answer to a prayer. Still grieving over the accident that killed her husband and baby daughter, she hopes to lose herself in other people’s lives.

But something sinister is going on at the ancient castle at the edge of the moors . . . something beyond the scandalous skeletons rattling around the O’Riordans’ closets. The former heir was killed three years earlier in a suspicious fall. The same night, the family matriarch suffered a stroke that left her mute.

Despite the malice that surrounds her, Cathleen is drawn to the brooding, darkly passionate man who is plotting to control the family. But even he may not be able to protect her when the crimes of the past reach into the present to terrorize the living.

I've had a few Throwback Thursday reads in the past couple of weeks that just haven't been able to keep my interest.  Sadly, Whistle for the Crows is another one. This one was the Retro Read pick for March.  I was looking forward to reading this one.  I mean who wouldn't love a Gothic romance/mystery.  I think the problem with this one was that it was really dated.  It was originally published in 1962.  For me, it didn't carry over well.   I found the characters uninteresting and the story kind of dull.  I got about a third of the way in and found I didn't want to finish.  It has gotten some good feedback, so if the Gothic genre is your thing, then give it a shot.

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