Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Into the Mist by Maya Banks

Author: Maya Banks
First published in 2008 by Samhain

Hostage recovery specialist Eli Chance has a secret. He was born a shifter. A freak of nature. While on a mission, Eli’s men and their mercenary guide are exposed to a powerful chemical agent, and suddenly his secret has become easier to hide. Now he’s not the only one with the gift. But for his men, this “gift” is becoming more and more of a curse.

Tyana Berezovsky’s brother Damiano was the guide for Eli’s team and was the worst affected by the chemical. As he grows increasingly unstable, Tyana fears she’s going to lose him to the beast he is becoming. Tyana will do whatever it takes to help him, even if it means using her body to go after the one man she thinks holds all the blame—and possibly the cure. Eli Chance.

I have read this author's historical romances and have really enjoyed them.  I wish that was the case with this book.  I downloaded the audio-book from my library and I have to admit, I only made it to the middle of the second disc.  By that point, Eli (whoever he is) sees Tyana (whoever she is) in a bar.  He takes her back to his apartment for sex.  He decides to still sleep with her after he sees her try to drug his drink.  Really?  You need her that badly?  At this point I don't think they even exchanged names. After the most boring sex scene, she breaks into his office after he fake falls asleep. Then he tries to catch her by shifting in mist (?).  Then the scene switches to her back at her headquarters feeling like a slut and all of a sudden needing a hit of pot. 

I gave up after that. I should not have to wait that long to even have a hint of what is going on in a story. There was no character development whatsoever.  Had I not read the synopsis, I wouldn't have had in inkling of the story line.  And using dirty names for body parts does not make for a hot sex scene.  I was actually bored to tears with that opening scene, as there was no chemistry at all.  Meh, I say skip this one and read her McCabe trilogy instead. 

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