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How to Bake a Man by Jessica Barksdale Inclán

Author:  Jessica Barksdale Inclán
Publisher: Ghostwood Books
Date of publication: October 2014

When 27-year-old Becca Muchmore drops out of grad school, all she has left to fall back on is her baking. Ignoring her mother’s usual barrage of disapproval and disappointment, she decides to start a small business hand-delivering her wares. A friend introduces her to an office of hungry lawyers, who agree to give her a try. Her lizard-booted neighbor Sal is happy to help out when he can, and almost before she knows it, Becca’s Best is up and running. 

Before she can settle into a routine, things get complicated. The office ogress could easily be Becca’s sister and has absolutely no patience with cookies or other frivolities. Even worse, her boyfriend is the man of Becca’s dreams – kind, funny, successful, and brain-meltingly gorgeous. As the dark undercurrents threaten to pull her down, Becca swiftly finds herself neck-deep in office politics, clandestine romance, and flour. Saving her business (and finding true love) is going to take everything she’s got, and more.

How to Bake a Man is another book that I have read lately that while I liked the overall story, I didn't love it.  It was overall a cute story about a woman who starts a baking business and finds love in the one place she didn't suspect.  The story has the feel of a rom-com movie. 

It also has some fun characters.I loved Sal and his "takes" on life.  They were clever and amusing. They were also a way to subtly convey messages to those he told them to.  I also enjoyed the little bits of baking wisdom that were included at the beginning of each chapter.  I found those to be entertaining and a nice addition to the story.  I was also very hungry while reading this and with all of the baked goods described, I swear I gained 5 pounds by osmosis!

What I didn't care for was Becca and her journey to finding love.  I didn't see the insta-love feeling between her and Jeff.  They weren't together enough for me to really feel the attraction.  I have always said that I can't like a character that I don't respect.  I lost respect for Becca about halfway through the book. First she looks down on Jennifer for cheating on Jeff, but then soon after she almost has sex with Jeff while he is still with Jennifer.  That was kind of a WTF moment for me and took the book down a few levels. I know a lot of readers can over look that, but I just can't.

I think fans of foodie books will like this story.  Just make sure to eat a full meal before you read it or you might find yourself at your local bakery trying to satisfy that craving for a brownie or scone!

About the author:

JESSICA BARKSDALE INCLAN is the author of twelve traditionally published novels, including the best-selling Her Daughter’s EyesThe Matter of Grace, and When You Believe. She has also published several ebooks and a women’s studies textbook, Diverse Voices of Women. Her work has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Czech.
Inclán teaches composition, creative writing, mythology, and women’s literature at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California, and online novel writing courses for UCLA Extension.

Find out more about Jessica at her website,

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