Saturday, October 4, 2014

Phoenix Island by John Dixon

by:  John Dixon
published by:  Gallery Books
publish date:  January 7, 2014

A champion boxer with a sharp hook and a short temper, sixteen-year-old Carl Freeman has been shuffled from foster home to foster home. He can't seem to stay out of trouble, using his fists to defend weaker classmates from bullies. His latest incident sends his opponent to the emergency room, and now the court is sending Carl to the worst place on earth: Phoenix Island

Carl is the ultimate defender of the weak.  However, he once again used his boxing skills to protect someone else, instead of going back to juvie a judge sentences him to Pheonix Island.  Carl quickly finds out that Phoenix Island is about the worst place to be.  It's totally cut off from the rest of the world except for occasional supply planes.  The guards are cruel and sadistic.  His fellow inmates are just as terrible.  However, Carl makes a few friends and is holding out hope that he can make it until his 18th birthday and get released.  Until Carl finds out that might not be what happens to inmates on their 18th birthday and he realizes he has to do everything in his power to escape.

I thought Pheonix Island was a pretty good YA book.  It was a little darker and more rough and tumble than the typical YA novel.  It would probably appeal to the male readers because of that.  I say that, but I liked it, so it would probably have wide readership.  I would recommend this book to readers that like the dark and gritty adventure books.

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