Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Man From Stone Creek by Linda Lael Miller

Author: Linda Lael Miller
First published in 2006 by  Harlequin

When trouble strikes in Haven, Arizona, Ranger Sam O'Ballivan is determined to sort it out. Badge and gun hidden, he arrives posing as the new schoolteacher, and discovers his first task: bringing the ranchers' children under control. So he starts with a call on Maddie Chancelor, the local postmistress and older sister of a boy in need of discipline.

But far from the spinster Sam expects, Maddie turns out to be a graceful woman whose prim and proper demeanor is belied by the fire in her eyes. Working undercover to capture rustlers and train robbers has always kept Sam isolated and his heart firmly in check until now. But something about the spirited postmistress tempts him to start down a path he swore he'd never travel….

The Man From Stone Creek was a bit underwhelming.  I liked the overall storyline.  Sam is undercover as a school teacher while he tracks down a group of bandits.  Maddie runs the local mercantile and takes care of her brother.  The attraction is there, but Sam is promised to another woman  

The problem i had with the story was the lack of heat between Maddie and Sam. They don't even kiss until almost the very end of the book.  When they do finally kiss, they jump right into bed together.  I just wasn't feeling the love between the two of them.  I also felt like it was a bit too long.  I definitely could have been shorter.    I wouldn't say skip it, but just don't expect too much.

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