Sunday, November 23, 2014

Things Good Girls Don't Do by Codi Gary

Author: Codi Gary
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Date of publication: August 2013

Good girls don't steal.
Good girls don't visit sex shops.
Good girls don't have one-night stands.

For Katie Conners, being a good girl just isn't worth it anymore. It used to mean getting the life she always wanted. But that was before she got dumped and her ex got engaged to his rebound. So, after a bad day and one too many mojitos, Katie starts making a list of things a girl like her would never do, not in a million years . . .

As a tattoo artist with a monster motorcycle, Chase Trepasso isn't the kind of guy you bring home to mom and dad.

And when he finds Katie's list in a bar, he's more than happy to help her check off a few items. Especially the ones on the naughtier side . . .

I found Things Good Girls Don't Do a refreshing read.  Not only is is a cute yet steamy romance, it features a "bad boy" who is not all too confident about himself.  You don't see that much so it was a nice change.  Katie is tired of being the good girl who always gives in and lets people walk all over her.  When she is caught making a list of things a good girl wouldn't do, Chase become intrigued by her.  He sets out to help her cross things off her list.

I thought that these two were good for each other.  Chase helped Katie get in touch with her wild and outspoken side.  Katie helps him see that he is "good enough" for someone to love.  I kind of liked that Chase was a little low on confidence. All too often the bad boy is a confident alpha who I don't really like.  Chase grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and has never felt loved by his mother.  My favorite part of the book was when he returns to town after leaving Katie without a goodbye. His own list that he uses to apologize was perfect!  I was really rooting for them to get their HEA.  

I'm a little behind on this series as the fourth book, Return of the Bad Girl comes out next month. But, while I wait, I look forward to visiting with Rock Canyon again in the next book, Good Girls Don't Date Rock Stars.

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