Thursday, May 21, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Overload by Linda Howard

Author: Linda Howard
First published in the anthology 'Silhouette Summer Sizzles '93" (Silhouette, 1993)
Reissued on audio by Dreamscape Media April 2015

Blackout! The entire Southeast was without power ~ but there was still more than enough electricity between Elizabeth Major and Tom Quinlan! They were stranded together in a Dallas high rise for the duration ~ and setting off enough sparks to light up the darkest night.

Overload is one of Ms. Howard's early-ish short stories that first appeared in the anthlogy, Silhouette Summer Sizzles '93.  I got it recently on audio. It was a very quick listen and for the most part enjoyable. Elizabeth and Tom both have businesses on the same floor.  They had dated previously, but Elizabeth suddenly pulled away and refused to speak to Tom again.  He never found out why.  When the entire Southeast loses power and two of them are locked in the building overnight, Tom is determined to find out the truth.

I have to admit, I kind of felt badly for Tom.  I thought it was kind of rude for Elizabeth to not tell him why she just walked away.  Even after hearing her story and reasons, I didn't think she was being fair to him.  Maybe if she has gone through therapy, she would have been able to be more adult about his behavior and tell him why she felt he was too possessive.  They would have saved 6 months of wasted time.  Also, with the ease at which he revealed stuff about his life before owning his business, he probably would have told her sooner about it all. But she never told him not knowing made her uncomfortable.  So, one conversation could have cleared up a lot.  But then we wouldn't get steamy loves scenes and a very sweet HEA, right?.


Anna Wells said...

So, I can't tell from reading this review whether you liked the story or not. Would you recommend it?

Kari Boardman said...

It was ok but there is much better offerings out there by the author. I guess I'm just so-so.