Sunday, October 4, 2015

Obsession Falls by Christina Dodd

Author: Christina Dodd
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Date of publication: September 2015

When Taylor Summers witnesses the death threat to a young boy, she does the only thing she can do-she sacrifices herself to distract the killers. Her reward is a life in ruins, on the run in the wilderness, barely surviving a bitter winter and the even more bitter knowledge she has lost everything: her career, her reputation, her identity. She finds refuge in Virtue Falls, and there comes face to face with the knowledge that, to live her life again, she must enlist the help of the man who does not trust her to defeat the man who would destroy her.

She's being hunted, but it's time to turn the tables....

Obsession Falls is the second full book in the Virtue Falls series.  There are two novellas nestled in there, but I haven't read those.  I can honestly say that I really enjoyed this book.  I liked it even more than the first book.  Taylor witnesses an attempted murder and ends up on the run from the bad guys as well as the police.  When she witnesses a murder months later, her life is in even more danger.

  What made the book so enjoyable was the whole adventure part of the book.  I thought the author did a fantastic job of helping the reader experience what Taylor went through while on the run in mountains during the winter.  I'm not sure I would be strong enough to survive what she did.  There are also some twists that were pretty surprising.

 I wouldn't really classify this one as a romantic suspense.  There is a bit of romance, but it comes much later in the story and the suspense is a much bigger part of the book.  I loved Kennedy and hated the villain.  I was a bit perplexed at the way Taylor was enchanted by the villain.  He is pure evil so I didn't get the appeal other than he was good looking.

Once the story ends up in Virtue Falls, we get to catch up with characters form the first book.  That is always a treat. I especially loved Kateri and Rainbow.  I'm really hoping that Kateri is going to get a HEA.  She deserves one!  The ending was one of those WTF moments, so I hope it gets cleared up in the next book!  I can't wait!

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