Thursday, October 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Legend in Green Velvet by Elizabeth Peters

Author: Elizabeth Peters
first published in 1976 by Dodd Mead

Susan had been infatuated with everything Scottish for as long as she could remember. When she arrived in Scotland to work on an archaeological dig, she thought it was a dream come true. But now the dream was rapidly becoming a nightmare.

She had no idea why a sinister soap box orator slipped her a cryptic message. Or why he was chasing her through the streets of Edinburgh. So when Jamie Erskine, a young Scottish laird came to her rescue, she was very grateful.

Before they could say Mary Queen of Scots, Susan and Jamie were being pursued by the police who wanted them for murder. And by someone who was intent on murdering them...

I think Elizabeth Peters is one of those authors where I end up liking her more when she writes under one of her other pen names.  I think I mentioned before that I am a fan of Barbara Michaels's books.  I am pretty sure I read all of them back in the 90s.  But, other than her Amelia Peabody series that she writes under as Elizabeth Peters, I have had a hard time warming up to her other books.  Legend in Green Velvet is just such a case.

The story ended up being just OK.  It was definitely confusing at times.  I'm not sure if I really get what they were looking for or why  Jamie and Susan were being chased.  The beginning was very slow and full of history that I think I tuned out at some key points and the story was lost on me.  Neither character was very interesting and the romance was lackluster.  I'm not sure I would recommend this one.

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