Thursday, December 3, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Against the Rules by Linda Howard

Author: Linda Howard
First published in 1983 by Simon & Schuster

At seventeen Cathryn Ashe had fought Rule Jackson and lost her innocence, then fled to the anonymity of the city. At twenty-five she was back, sure of herself and her newfound independence and ready to challenge him again.

But Rule had raised the stakes, and if she lost now the penalty would be high: her heart, the heart that she finally knew had always been his for the taking.

You can tell that Against the Rules is definitely one of this author's early works and that her writing has improved greatly over the years.  The basic premise of the story is that Cat has returned to her ranch after 8 years.  She is now sole owner  but has been avoiding it because of her feelings for Rule.  He is the manager ad has wanted Cat since she was 15 years old.  

This was enjoyable, but I wouldn't say it was her best work.  It had the typical, "does he or doesn't he love me" storyline.  That did get old after a while.  Cat got a little tiring constantly wondering why he wanted it the ranch or did he love her?  He was also the typical jerk to her until he was about to lose her, then he finally fesses up to how he feels.  I would say if you are looking for an early work by Ms. Howard, this one won't be her best but still worth reading.

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