Thursday, December 10, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Body Parts by Vicki Stiefel

Author: Vicki Stiefel
First published in 2004 by Leisure Books

A homicide counselor must find a serial killer to prove one of her patients is innocent.

The synopsis is pretty sparse, but Body Parts is essentially about Tally White.  She is a homicide counselor with the Medical Examiner's office.  She and her colleagues counsel family members of homicide victims.  When one of her friends is murdered and a patient in her grief group is accused, Tally gets drawn into a tangled puzzle that ends up with her as bait.

I almost gave up on this book.  It was too long, with too many characters to keep straight. But I found myself wanting to know who the killer was and why he was doing it.  I was definitely surprised!  That twist was pretty cool. The reveal however wasn't enough to say I loved the book.  I wasn't even all that crazy about the main character.  

This is the first in a series.  I'm not sure I will continue with it though.  If I do, I definitely won't listen to the audiobook if it is the same narrator. The one on this audiobook wasn't very good and some of the voices grated on my nerves.

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