Tuesday, December 1, 2015

2 in 1: Beneath this Mask & Beneath this Ink by Meghan March

I finally got my hands on the first two books in the "Beneath" series by Meghan March. I reviewed books 3 & 4, Beneath these Chains & Beneath these Scars earlier this year. It was a treat to go back to the beginning of the series and see how these two couples go together.  I loved them both and highly recommend this series to anyone who loves romance.

Beneath this Mask (September 2014 ) is the book that starts the series.  Charlie has been in hiding ever since her father was convicted of fraud.  She has the key to where all of the money is, but she is hesitant to contact the authorities.  She just wants it all to go away.  Simon meets her in the tattoo parlor where she works and is smitten from the start.  The spotlight cast on his potential political career could jeopardize Charlie's safe haven. But it's hard for them to fight the attraction.

Loved these two together.  Simon was just so adorable and worked so hard to break down Charlie's walls.  I loved watching them fall for each other.  There isn't really any intrigue in this one, just a sweet romance that will have you rooting for the couple from beginning to end.

Beneath this Ink (February 2015), is Constantine and Vanessa's story.  Both characters show up in the first book.  They had had a one night stand 2 years before, but Con can't remember any of it.  When Vanessa shows up asking for a favor for her foundation, Con sees it as an opportunity to get another night with Vanessa.  He harbors his own demons as he has been trying to solve the murder of his adoptive parents with little to no luck.  

This one was a lot more intense than the first book.  Con and Vanessa maybe from different worlds, but they connected well.  There is a surprise twist in the end that  I didn't see coming. But it brought some nice closure to both Con and Vanessa's demons.  I absolutely loved the epilogue!

Now that I am all caught up with the first four books in the series, I can't wait for #5 to come out hopefully early next year!

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