Thursday, December 17, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Courting Catherine by Nora Robers

Author: Nora Roberts
First published in 1991 by Silhouette

It's the stuff that love - and legends - are made of. 

Mechanic Catherine "C.C." Calhoun and hotel magnate Trenton St. James mix like axle grease and mineral water - until they kiss. 

Efficient Amanda Calhoun finds easygoing Sloan O'Riley insufferable - and irresistible. And they both must race to solve the generations old mystery surrounding a hidden emerald necklace.

Courting Catherine is the first in the "Calhouns" series.  In all there are 5 books.  The series involves that Calhoun sisters and their quest for love and hidden treasure.  There is a legend of a hidden emerald necklace somewhere in their house. 

Courting Catherine is probably one of the cleanest romances that I have read by Ms, Roberts.  C.C. is a virgin and she actually stays one.  That was surprising and not something I'm used to from her books.  It was kind of refreshing.  I wish this book was longer.  The love declaration came way too fast for me.  Two days and 2 kisses do not mean love.  But since this is a series that builds on each previous book, I am hoping I will see more of their relationship in later books.  

listened to the audiobook for this one.  My biggest complaint was the horrible "Boston" accent that she gave to Trent.  It was horrible. Next time don't even try.

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