Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Mini Musings

Into the Fury: This ended up being just an OK read for me.   I did like the Ethan and Val.  I thought they were good for each other. I also liked Ethan's scenes with his daughter. Despite all of that, I was bothered by the amount of time that was spent on reminding us that if any of the bodyguards had a relationship with the models they would be fired.  Yet, when Ethan and Val and later Meg and Dirk hook up nothing happens to them.  I mean why the constant reminders if nothing is going to happen?  What makes them so special? It was also a bit repetitive for me.  Anyway, I'll probably read the next one, Into the Whirlwind, because I want to see Dirk and Meg get back together.

Hard as Steel is another novella from the Hard Ink series.  This actually takes place at the during the same time frame of the last book, Hard to Let Go.  I thought it was a cute story.  Not really necessary to the overall story arc, but it does give you a glimpse into what happened to Jessica after Ike takes her away for her own protection.

The Doll's House:  I have really enjoyed this series by M.J. Arlidge.  They're dark and twisty mystery novels.  If you like that kind of book and you haven't started this series, I would highly recommend them.  Another great thing about
this series, is that they've been coming out very quickly.  No waiting like a year for the next seems like it's been only a matter of several months before the next book comes out.

The Wild Inside:  This was a really good wilderness mystery.   A young boy witnesses his father being attacked and killed by a bear.  He grows up to be a Special Agent for the Department of the an agent for Wildlife and Fisheries.  He gets called to investigate a mysterious death by bear mauling.   If you're a fan of CJ Box, Navada Barr, or Paul Doiron, I think you'd really like this book as well.

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