Thursday, April 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Her Best Friend's Lover by Shiloh Walker

Author: Shiloh Walker
First published in 2003 by Ellora's Cave

Dale Stoner loved women, and women seemed to love him right back. He danced around the line that led to seriousness, but any time one woman got too close, he two-stepped back, quick and pretty as you please. He’s fallen in love before and he doesn’t want to go that route again. No woman was ever going to get close to him again.

The only exception is his best friend, Lauren. She’s the only one who really matters. But she’s his friend…and guys don’t sleep with their best friends, do they?

Lauren wasn’t the kind of woman to believe in love at first sight, but then she met Dale. He’s everything she shouldn’t want—a flirt, a woman chaser…and he’s also in love with somebody else.

But one hot, steamy night changes everything…

I usually like this author's books, so I was eager to read this early one as it is being reissued this week in print and ebook form.  In Her Best Friend's Lover, Lauren has been in love with Dale for five years, but he has kept her in the friend zone.  He has never been able to get over his first love from high school.  One night changes everything for both of them.

Normally, I like friend's to lovers stories.  But, I had a hard time getting behind this one.  Their first time together Dale is totally drunk and doesn't remember who he slept with.  I thought it was a little icky that she cleaned up the evidence so that he would never know.  Then she finds out she is pregnant and keeps it from him.  Even after he realizes he loves her and marries her.  I'm not really a huge fan of secret baby story-lines in general.  I also never felt the connection between Dale and Lauren.  

This isn't a bad one, but it's not her best.  Her later stuff is much better.

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