Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hard Ever After by Laura Kaye

Author: Laura Kaye
Publisher: HarperCollins
Date of publication: February 2016

Justice served. Honor restored. Team reunited. 

After a long battle to discover the truth, the men and women of Hard Ink have a lot to celebrate, especially the wedding of two of their own—Nick Rixey and Becca Merritt, whose hard-fought love deserves a happy ending.

As Nick and the team shift from crisis mode to building their new security consulting firm, Becca heads back to work at the ER. But amid the everyday chaos of demanding jobs and their upcoming nuptials, an old menace they thought long gone reemerges, threatening the peace they’ve only just found.
Now, for one last time, Nick and Becca must fight for their always and forever, because they know that when true love overcomes all the odds it lasts hard ever after.

Hard Ever After is the follow up short story to the Hard Ink series.  I have really enjoyed this entire series so it was nice to have a "what happened" after book to wrap everything up.  Nick Rixey and Becca Merritt were the first couple in the series and the ones that kicked off the story arc of Nick and his buddies clearing their name.  

I don't want to give away too much of what happens, but they do all get even better HEAs than in the last book of the series.  If any characters deserved it, they all did.  What I loved even more was the how the author showed the reality of the aftermath of going through trauma. Becca went through a lot and once the dust settled, it started catching up with her.  I loved how everyone rallied around her in the end.

As I said, this was a great follow up to the series. I often hate to leave characters from a series that I enjoy, so getting a sneak peek into how they are all doing is a real treat.  If you haven't read the Hard Ink Series, definitely start with the first one, Hard as It Gets.  You won't be sorry.

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This series sounds great, I'll definitely check it out.